Air Conditioning

Keeping a car’s air conditioning system in good health is important to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive – be it short commutes within the city, or long road trips. Getting the unit inspected and serviced at regular intervals by our expert technicians will ensure it serves well on demand all year round.

As for air conditioner services at Barrys Tyre Centre, our customers can expect the best of parts, products, accessories and service levels. Apart from comprehensive system checks and diagnosis, we also address the re-gas needs of ACs of different makes on all types of vehicles.

When Does Your Car’s AC Unit Require Re-Gassing?

While it has been observed that air-conditioning units in vehicles need a fresh dose of gas and oil once in a couple of years, the re-gas frequency is likely to vary based on actual use. Vehicles typically tend to lose about 10 percent of the gas each year, which people hardly notice except when there is a distinct lack in cooling. When the AC is no longer effective or rather the cooling effect is no longer what it used to be, it is time to re-gas the unit.

Do note that, at Barry’s, we only use warranty safe refrigerants and also include a complete health check of the A/C unit with every re-gas service request, making sure the system is not only in perfect working condition, but also 100 percent effective. The service also covers routine check for leaks and flushing out any contaminants that often compromise the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Services

All our services including AC diagnosis, repair and re-gassing are priced competitively. Car air conditioner servicing usually is not a part of regular maintenance service. Customers can, however, avail this additional service as and when the need arises. Re-gas service hardly takes about an hour to get done. Weak airflow, faulty compressors, clogged tubing, damaged condensers, failed components, mouldy odour – there is a host of reasons why car ACs don’t function effectively, and we know how exactly to address such problems and ensure a cool and comfortable drive.