About Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes ensure the safety of your vehicle and people inside it. You need to keep your brakes in working order, including maintaining your brake pads and discs. Whether you need brakes/pads/discs servicing or repairs to your ABS system, we are able to keep your vehicle working properly.

About Your Brakes

Your vehicle has drum or disc brakes. Generally, disc brakes are found on the front and work with your brake pedal. Drum brakes are on the rear and are activated with the handbrake. Newer vehicles may have disc brakes in the front and rear. Anti-lock Braking Systems or ABS is used to prevent your brakes from locking and causing your vehicle to skid. A sensor in the wheel hub sends information to your vehicle’s computer. If a problem is detected, the system will lower the brake fluid pressure to help the wheel rotate properly.

With continued use, dust from the brakes can cause problems. Pressing hard and regularly on brakes also wears down parts. When brake fluid levels are low, the brake pedal could become unresponsive and put you at risk. Regular servicing will assess the condition of your brakes and related parts including drums, pads and discs. If your vehicle is pulling to one side when you brake, this could mean your brake pads are wearing unevenly while noises when turning might suggest an issue with a brake disc. If your vehicle is not stopping or slowing down as quickly as it should when you apply the brakes or you hear noises when braking, you should get your brakes inspected.

Our Brake Services

A fault with your brakes is often only found during an inspection or regular servicing. In some cases, a fault will only be known after an accident. To ensure your vehicle is safe, we perform in-depth checks and tests to ensure your brakes/pads/discs are performing as they should. Inspections can be completed as part of regular servicing or if you suspect there might be a problem. We repair and replace brakes, brake pads and brake discs as well as repair your vehicle’s ABS. We also replace brake fluids. With over 40 year’s experience, we are a family-run business specialising in maintenance needs for vehicles of all makes. Based in Barry, we are proud to serve clients throughout the Vale of Glamorgan. Contact us today if you need repairs and other work on your vehicle’s brakes.