The push to reduce emissions from vehicles means that exhaust systems are becoming more and more complex. With ongoing use, your exhaust and parts within the system might wear and become damaged. An exhaust that is not working properly can mean the release of gases that are harmful to the environment including carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons, soot and other particles. This can also result in you failing an MOT test.

Exhaust Emissions

Your vehicle’s exhaust system controls emissions as well as reduces engine sound and optimises engine efficiency. Modern exhausts include various parts, from pipes and mufflers (silencers) to selective catalytic reduction systems and diesel particulate filters. Other common parts include slip catalysts and emission sensors. Systems also typically feature oxidising catalytic converters, which is where gases pass before they are expelled from your vehicle. This part transforms many harmful and polluting compounds into less dangerous gases.

Exhaust Maintenance

To keep your vehicle operating efficiently and cleanly, you need a properly maintained exhaust system. If you have any issues or concerns with the performance of your exhaust, our expert technicians are ready to help. You might have a problem with your exhaust if you see excessive smoke or corrosion and other damage. A check is also recommended if you hear knocking and rattling when driving or other loud noises. Annual or periodic checks are also a good idea to ensure any hidden issues are identified. We will inspect your system to look for any issues with the system. Our checks include a visual inspection of the system, including any mounting such as clamps, gaskets and hangers. We look for damage, leaks, corrosion, holes and other problems. Once the inspection is complete, one of our technicians will recommend any work that might be needed to repair or replace parts of the system that are damaged or not operating efficiently.

We Can Help

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