Barry Tyre & Autocentre

With over 40 years of industry experience, Barry Tyre and Autocentre are one of Barry’s premier Garages/Car servicing businesses. Whether it is a tyre change, or a full car service, our friendly, highly trained staff know how to do the job and do it well. All work can be undertaken; if customers are unsure whether Barry Tyre & Autocentre can cater to their Garages/Car Servicing needs, one call is all it takes. Free quotes are available upon request.

Garages/Car Servicing Needs

For any car servicing in Barry and the surrounding area, Barry Tyre & Autocentre can cover all aspects of maintenance and repair, including, but not limited to suspension, exhaust repair and replacement, oil changes, steering, and transmission. All work is carried out by qualified staff and can be complemented with road testing to ensure the root of the problem is found and fixed and that the car runs smoothly.

MOT Work

Whether a car needs pre-emptive MOT work or corrective repair, Barry Tyre & Autocentre can carry out all repairs, but also check to see what areas of the car are passable and in good condition or likely to fail at MOT stage. Where necessary, all repair work is fully documented and will ensure the car passes when the MOT is repeated. For added convenience, vehicles can be left with us for the MOT test itself as well as any related work.


We use only the best, industry leading parts for brake systems to ensure safety for yourself and others. Brake efficiency testing can be carried out and any remedial work undertaken at the same time. Our staff take safety and compliance seriously and check all aspects of the braking system; fluid levels, pad and disc wear, and ABS functionality will all be rigorously examined.


Our exhaust systems can be fitted on site; whether it is a small spot repair or complete exhaust system replacement, staff will ensure that your vehicle is not only mechanically sound but will pass emissions tests once repaired.


We buy tyres direct from the manufacturers and can fit a tyre to fit almost any budget; with a wide range of brands from premium to budget ranges, customers can be assured that they benefit from expert fitting but also staff knowledge about tyre type depending on whether and typical usage. We also offer a full balancing, puncture repair and wheel alignment service.

Air Con Servicing

The dirtiest and least productive of air con systems can be expertly cleaned, re-gassed and calibrated by our industry leading diagnostic equipment, ensuring a hygienic, efficient system that will make driving with the air con a joy once again.