Gearing Up For MOT Service

As a car or van owner, you may already be aware that cars/vans aged three years or above have to clear an MOT test every year to prove they are in good shape to hit the roads. They will also have to comply with the prescribed safety and environmental standards. Earning an MOT certificate is compulsory to get your vehicle insured.

The MOT involves several basic checks – many of which can be pro-actively verified well ahead of the actual test. What best place other than the Barry Tyre Centre to prepare your vehicle for this challenge? Residents of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan and its neighbourhood can count on our 40 years of industry experience to get their vehicles ready for MOT.

MOT Test – What To Expect?

The MOT strives to thoroughly test the vehicle for roadworthiness. As already noted, safety features, emissions and exhaust levels also undergo scrutiny for compliance with standard requirements.

Even the most basic yet key aspects, which are often taken for granted – such as the proper functioning of the horn, lights, seat belts and windscreen wipers – are ascertained. Lighting, braking system, speedometer, battery, tyres, steering, shock absorbers/suspension, mirrors, windscreen, and emissions are some of the other aspects that are also scrutinised carefully.

The state of the vehicle’s chassis and exhaust are checked for damages/corrosion. All replaceable components are expected to fit snugly in place.

While some checks can be performed by drivers or vehicle owners themselves, complex checks such as the proper functioning of steering and braking need special equipment and domain expertise as well. Signing up for MOT preparation with us means the job is in safe hands.

MOT Preparation – How We Can Make A Difference?

Yes, some checks are indeed simple. Just prepare a checklist, start the vehicle and clear each item on the list. But beware, this process can get challenging. The list must be comprehensive and the testing demands time, effort and a keen eye.

This is exactly why and where our expert technicians can add value. We know exactly where and what to look for, detect problems if any in the vehicle’s structure or function, and prepare/repair the vehicle for the upcoming MOT. We are also fully equipped to test brakes, steering and tyres, being specialists in wheel alignment and branded tyres from Michelin and Kumho!