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Whether you drive a car or motorcycle, you need a reliable set of tyres. A good tyre offers drivers with a comfortable and quiet ride, as well as exceptional control whatever the road conditions. With high-quality budget options for all makes and models, we stock a large selection of products from leading brands.

Affordable and Quality Tyre Options

We supply products in various sizes and thread options. The thread will influence how a vehicle handles, especially in wet or slippery conditions. A standard or ‘summer’ tyre generally has a tread pattern with large circumferential grooves. With additional grooving to enhance water clearing, winter or all season products provide better performance in wet and colder conditions. Other tyre products have a reinforced sidewall designed for vehicles that are heavier or handle extra loads.

From high-performance options to winter solutions, we supply and fit all types of vehicles. Although we provide tyres from all leading manufacturers, we specialise in Michelin and Generaltire products. Michelin is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and their products are found in every corner of the globe. Michelin produces cutting-edge products that maximise safety and performance, including its Cross Climate range for optimal all-season driving. We have a selection of genuine Michelin products for cars, vans, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. We also stock general use products from Generaltire as well as performance,  Generaltire has a range of reliable solutions for your vehicle.

Nitrogen Air Filling

For improved performance, we offer specialist services such as nitrogen inflation. While regular compressed air includes nitrogen, pure nitrogen is also available as an option. Inflating a tyre with nitrogen is common for aircraft and racing cars. Using nitrogen for regular cars means less corrosion since it has no moisture like regular air. It also means a slower rate of pressure loss with a puncture or other problem.

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We supply products suitable for every driver’s needs and designed to handle any road condition. At the Barry Tyre Centre, we take pride in offering top quality customer service and reliable solutions for our customers. Based in Barry, our family-run business has served the Vale of Glamorgan for over 40 years. Let us find you the right product for your wheels at the best price.

Continental AG Buys General Tire

On April 23, Continental AG of Hannover, West Germany, expressed an interest in General Tire and began to visit company facilities. On June 29, GenCorp and Continental signed an agreement for the sale of General Tire. Continental acquired General Tire, including related domestic and foreign operations, from GenCorp. The sale was finalized October 30, 1987. According to then Continental chairman Helmut Werner, “The acquisition will provide us with a sound and strong presence in the world’s largest tire market. This step is of vital strategic importance to us and will provide Continental with worldwide operations.”